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Screened-in Porches: How Much Do They Cost to Build? Feb 12, 2013 . Nothing wrong with that style, I just preferred the gable roof design. Arched Windows: $725. Arched windows was another added expense, increasing the cost by $725. The screened windows aren't really arched, instead panels were cut and installed on either side to give the appearance they are arched

Building a inexpensive ceiling under my existing 2nd story deck . May 7, 2015 . My project to add a roof under my existing deck in preparation for creating a screened in porch. For Part 2 (the screened porch) use this link or check out m..

What Is Soffit and Why Is It Important to a House? | Specialty Design It's most commonly used around a building's main roof, but soffit can also be used under porches, under arches or columns, under a flight of stairs pretty much . If your rafters are exposed in any areas, you'll likely have mold buildup and rotting beams to replace which definitely won't make for a fun (or cheap) Spring

Porch Enclosures - Ten Great Ideas to Consider Our ideas for porch enclosures are ideal for creating your own outdoor living area and will fit almost any budget. . Explore everthing from outdoor curtains and DIY screen porch kits to preconstructed wall assemblies. . Three season porches give you the benefit of screen windows and the comfort of an outdoor room

An Ordinary Patio Becomes A Beautiful Three-Season Porch | Three . . Ceiling Fans. Room With Screened Windows That Lower for Maximum Breeze 08 The roof looks great. . Three Season Porch, Concrete Patios, Covered Patios, Outdoor Entertaining, Outdoor Projects, Outdoor Ideas, Indoor Outdoor, Outdoor Living, Deck Patio . 10 Favorite Rate My Space Outdoor Rooms on a Budget

How can I finish my back porch ceiling in an inexpensive way . I can see my porch ceiling from the windows in our house and it does not look very nice. I don't want . With a little help the metal wavy sheets they use for roofs on barns, etc. looks good and it reflects light. You can . @Cori Warner, that is a cute idea too... lattice is nice and if you do not paint it would be as cheap as paint

Translucent Roof Panels | Houzz Is it more cost effective to install this roofing material than a traditional roof? I'm also wondering about snow buildup between the two structures given that it's pitched towards the house. Love the look and the light that it lets in! Inspiration for a modern porch remodel in DC Metro. polygal roof. removeable screens -..

Sunroom Kit, EasyRoom DIY Sunrooms | Patio Enclosures EasyRoom Sunroom Kits from Patio Enclosures are simply the easiest way to add affordable living space and value to your home. . Sunroom kits offer various options including room size, style of roof, type of glass and frame color. Learn more about our . Frame Options; Roof Options; Glass Options; Windows & Doors..

What Materials Can Be Used to Cover the Top of a Porch? | Home . You have a variety of choices when in comes to materials suitable for porch roofs. Of course, wood . Asphalt shingles are inexpensive, easy to install and repair and normally carry a 30-year guarantee. Wood is also an . Polycarbonate panels are either flat or corrugated and can be bent to form custom shapes. It's sold by a..

Under-Deck Roof | Family Handyman Convert the space under a second-story deck into a dry, spacious patio by installing this simple, under-the-deck roof and gutter system. . Inexpensive roof panels keep it dry down below . His low-cost, easy-to-build system catches the water that drips through the deck boards and redirects it to the outside of the deck

METAL PORCH ROOF The porch metal roof can accord a perfect remodeling option for the front side of your home. Whether you have an amazing backyard landscape area in your house or simply have a small patio place outside the building, the porch roof installation is not only a low cost option, but it also adds to the real estate value of the..

SUNTUF Porch Roof installation overview - Palram Americas May 25, 2012 . Corrugated Polycarbonate Panels. 鈻?Overview. If you were to imagine the ideal product for building a porch roof or deck cover, what would it be like? For starters, you would want it to be light weight and easy to work with, yet virtually unbreakable and backed by a lifetime warranty. You would want it to let in